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About Gayle....
My inspiration for photography came from my sister Jeanne....she had the eye for seeing unusual and beautiful things. I was also inspired by my brother Dave because he was so creative and positive. I began using an SLR camera over 25 years ago, starting with a manual Canon AE-1 and now use the new Canon 5D Mark II.
I specialize in a more natural style of photography, truly capturing the inner personality, emotions, and individuality of people with my photography. My style is relaxed and low-key because I want my photos to look natural and beautiful. I stay out of the way and keep my eyes open for that perfect moment to take a shot....I am very patient. I strive to capture moments that will tell a story with the photos and love working with people of all ages.
I shoot entirely digital with Canon bodies and pro lenses and use natural light as often as I can to keep focus on the subjects that matter most.

More about me....
I love the color of most anything green.
I love the pure spirit of little kids.
My favorite TV shows are Revenge, Scandal, and The Good Wife.
Being a mom is the best part of my life.
I love laughing until my face hurts or until I cry. That’s a sign of a GOOD laugh.
Being around funny or goofy people is the best.
I love my family and friends!
My grand piano and camera equipment are my favorite things.
I hate having my picture taken....that’s why I’m behind the camera.
I forget where I put things...my daughter reminds me about that all the time.
I enjoy desserts and coffee, little kids, laughing and giggling, spending time with friends, and hanging out at home with my family.
I am sure that what you think and believe, you will receive.
Photography and graphic arts are are my passions.
I work as a graphic artist at Sculpt Nouveau....a really nice place to work.